Saturday, January 26, 2008

'Can autism be cured?' - Donna Williams Blog

Please read the above-mentioned recent blog piece by Donna Williams, an inspiring Australian woman on the autism spectrum, if you are a parent searching for 'cures' for your child's autism.
Donna's fictional story "Can autism be cured?" is a beautifully illustrated (textually) story about different children on the autism spectrum whose well-meaning parents anxiously search for a potential 'cure' for their babes, and the financial and physical lengths they go to to achieve such, only to find that their children aren't 'cured' of autism and are to be just who they are - unique individuals.
As you may know, by perhaps having read my blog pieces below, I am not an advocate of 'curing' autism, I believe it is an intrinsic part the the autistic human being.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A book for parents

Currently I am writing a book for parents, about parenting a child with autism.
The intention of this book is to communicate with other mums and dads about the similar experiences we may have surrounding our lives raising our autistic children.
Sharing our experiences as parents can be cathartic and a valuable source of understanding our children on the autism spectrum, in addition to the information and assistance we receive from any of the professionals involved with our lives.
Once the book is available, I will post a note on this site. :)