Saturday, December 20, 2008

Integration Aides

Counselling/mentoring for Integration Aides is now an extra component of my Private Practice.

Please go to my web page for further info.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

ABA Therapy - a Qu. answered by Donna Williams

I found this interesting article/answer by Donna Williams, posted on the "Autism Today" website.
As you may have gathered by now, I consider Donna to be one of the 'gurus' of the world of real knowledge and understanding of the autism spectrum.
In the article/answer by Donna, she is responding to a question posed to her by a lady wishing to understand more about ABA therapy.
Donna's answer corresponds with my own sentiments about ABA therapy.
For parents and other interested persons, 'articles' like these are important to read when seeking valuable and realistic information about the world of autism, generally speaking.
To find Donna's answers to questions (and the ABA therapy one I mentioned above) go to "Autism Today" and click on "ask the experts" column on the left. There you will find Donna Williams, fifth from the bottom of the experts list.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frank Klein link (archive)

I've finally found a link to Franks' old website.
Apparently this is an 'archived' site.
here to view it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Autism and We" - a poem

To be enlightened is to understand
To join with another, we 'hold' their hand
To trully respect, allow them to be free
To be who they are, not (to be) like you or me.

Let us be guided by their intrinsic selves
Let antiquated beliefs gather dust on the shelves
Let the colour of their soul be untainted
Let them shine in the colours nature has painted.

Show them your heart, and they'll own it forever
Show that you 'know', and they'll keep it together
Show to the world your fulfilled soul
Show to all others that unity is our goal.

Copyright in text and photograph - Louise Page 2008
Excerpt from Louise's book - "An Autism Connection - sharing the journey with other parents."

Autism and Behaviour

Do you understand the behaviour of your autistic child, friend or sibling?

Discovering the reasons behind the behavioural responses/reactions is paramount when helping our autistic sons, daughters, siblings, family member or friend to experience a more rewarding and happy life with others and especially for themselves.

Some therapies focus on behaviours primarily and aim to change/alter/challenge the way an autistic person is responding to a e.g. stimulus. In gaining an understanding of the reasons or influences behind the response/behaviour in a holistic fashion, as is unique to the individual, the alteration or 'modification' can perhaps also focus on our understanding of the variety of responses inherent (as they can be diverse) in human nature. When we understand such, we can assist with learning alternative or other ways the autistic person can 'deal' with stimulus (if necessary for a healthy, happy and safe life experience).
If we discover underlying influences, such as a previously undetected illness/health issue, and treat such appropriately, we may well find that some difficult behavioural responses of an autistic person to a situation may dissipate/decline or even reduce dramatically.

When we attain such an understanding, we can see that not 'one way' is the 'only way' to understand someone or that one focused style of intervention is the best of its 'breed' when assisting our autistic children, friends etc..

As I mentioned above, a holistic approach, I feel, is the best consideration when we seek assistance/interventions for our children.

Each child can be different in many ways to the next. What works for one may not work or be appropriate for another.

I also believe that our children should not "be vessels of experimentation" (Quote from my book - "An Autism Connection - sharing the journey with other parents").

What can affect the behaviour of a child (whether on the spectrum or not)? Could you be asking these questions or could your autistic child, friend and sibling be asking themselves some of these questions?

- learning styles,
- communication abilities,
- health upsets (diagnosed or undiagnosed),
- physical abilities (to relay infromation),
- self esteem levels (including confidence in relaying information),
- feelings of self worth (inc. perception of self),
- possible exposure anxiety,
- the known or anticipated response of others,
- levels of trust in exposing one's fears to another,
- personality,
- fear of ridicule,
- feelings of inferiority (if the behaviours or responses of others imply their 'superiority'),
- sensory overload and other personal aversions,
- bullying,
- puberty,
- interrupted routine or sudden change,
- new unscertainties or fears have arisen,
- family issues,
- loss of a relationship (e.g. friend moved, or someone passing away etc..),
- are we having a good day or a bad day today?
- are we overtired?,
- are we hungry, thirsty etc.?,
- are we feeling ill?
- "I'm feeling happy. What's your problem?"
- am I able to relate to my helpers/teachers?
- do they (teachers/helpers etc.) relate to me?
- is my environment (e.g. school) the most appropriate for me?
- am I reacting to a medication?
- is a particular medication appropriate or necessary?
- are the 'interventions' being applied appropriate?
- is the help (educational and otherwise) designed to suit my needs or is it generically based?
- am I really understood?
- do I have communication devices/ assistance methods appropriate for my needs?
- am I worried about something?
- am I worrying about you (the parent, friend etc..)?
- "I need my own space and you don't get it."
- "I don't want to be social, but you insist..."
- "I don't want to be held now..." (knowledge of sensory preferences and aversions)
- "I don't want to look into your eyes..." (sensory overload)
Note, the "quotes" are things I have heard some autistic persons (mainly children) say to other people in moments when the 'others' have not understood their behavioural responses (exhuberantly in an exited/happy or angry way)

(list to be continued..................... :) )

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Try this IQ test

I tried this IQ test, when a fellow Asplanet member 'wrote' about it on his blog. This person, Matt, is on the spectrum and found it interesting too. His blog is called MATTS CORNER

It's a bit of fun really.

To my amazement my IQ was calculated as being 141 !!!! I'm sure my kids will think that is an hilarious score!!! Well. I am a little chuffed about it :)
To try it for yourself go to 3 SmartCubes

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kirsty's YouTube video

Kirsty is a delightful young lady from England, who in this video, talks about her experiences and interests and about being on the autism spectrum.
To view this video, click here
Ps. The link to this video is via (and courtesy of) the National Autistic Society's website.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Interesting websites

I should have placed these websites in the links list a long time ago. They are full of interesting information, forums and articles to do with Aspergers/autism, and alot of interesting stuff from people on the spectrum themselves.
Professionals, parents and persons on the spectrum, alike, will be interested in what these sites have to 'offer'.
Wrong Planet and OASIS

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Professional Counselling Private Practice

I have now established my private practice in Professional Counselling for women, parents and carers of children on the autism spectrum.

To read more about this practice, click here

Friday, October 3, 2008

Communication Book

I'm pleased to announce that I have created another book, which is available on

It is a simple and colourful communication book which can be used by parents and their children (with and without disabilities) to share information surrounding their child's needs, abilities, likes and dislikes, acquired and developing skills.

This book could be a wonderful asset for parents and their children, as the information (pictures, drawings, stickers and text provided by parents/children) unique to the child is shared in a positive, supportive, respectful, constructive and very colourful way.

The child, whom the book is about, may gain great pleasure and feel proud as they share with their new teacher/aide, childcare staff or other relevant persons, information all about them. Perhaps showing off their photos of achievements, family members, friends, pets, drawings etc., whilst the reader also gains other important information about where the child may need assistance, extra understanding and awareness of potential areas of difficulty.

I perceive this book to be very helpful for parents in being able to help their child begin their new relationships with, e.g. a teacher in a concise and educative way.

Such information can be utilized when an IEP (Individual Education Plan) is being devised for the child.

It also provides a general base-line as to where the child is currently, educationally, behaviourally, socially etc., in their young life.
To view the book and a preview of the interior, please click here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"Inspirational Quotes..."

"Inspirational famous people with learning disabilities or differences" is a website which contains, as the title suggests, interesting quotes and information from famous people on the autism spectrum and otherwise, and people who are dedicated to supporting persons with disabilities.

There is a drop-down 'menu' where you can choose the name of a famous person and read some more about them and their achievements and views/comments on life.

Click here to go to the website.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"An Autism Connection" - book

Just a note for those of you who may be interested in purchasing my book - "An Autism Connection - sharing the Journey with other parents", you can download a copy for (US) $10 from the Lulu Publishing site.

Gaining a copy of this book this way can definitely save you having to wait for it to arrive by mail and save your $ as well.

If you go to my Lulu store front, you will see some reviews by other interested persons and, soon I hope to have other wonderful reviews posted by parents who have read this book.
If you do purchase this book, I would be very interested in your feedback on it. You can email me on

Currently, apart from setting up my private practice in Professional counselling (for parents and carers of children on the autism spectrum), I have begun writing another book which surrounds the topics of self esteem, empowerment of ones self and building resistance/coping mechanisms in regards to adverse elements of life. I particularly have in mind those persons on the spectrum and other individuals experiencing other differing abilities. But it could be of interest to anyone really who is experiencing some self esteem/confidence, social or other challenges in their life.
It's definitely a work-in-progress at the moment which I hope to finalize in a few months time.

The cover of this book will display one of Donna Williams beautiful paintings. Donna is a tremendously interesting and gifted lady, from Australia, who is on the autism spectrum. If you want to see examples of Donna's many talents, please click on the link to her site in the links field, right.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Autism training program"

The "Autism training program" is presented as a visual and auditory information program on the "Autism Help Info" site. "Autism help info" is " initiative of the Gateways Support Services".
The presentation runs for about 15 minutes and is easy to read,watch and listen to. It assists those who work with, care for or are just generally interested in learning more about autism and how it affects an individual.
The main page of this site can be accessed
The "Autism training program" video can be accessed here

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"An Autism Connection"

Just another note to say a big thankyou to those kind persons who have reviewed and recommended my new book, "An Autism Connection" to other interested people. Some even leaving some wonderfully positive comments on the Lulu Publishing website.
The book is also available through many other channels, such as, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia,

I am hoping to write more books in the future, perhaps focusing on particular subjects relating to living with autism (parents and children alike). Books which will be 'coming in' on an angle a little different to the usual clinical/educational books - with perspectives including the insights and souls of people with autism and opening up more of an understanding and appreciation of such, for those in our communities who would like to 'listen' to them. I feel that some of the greatest 'teachers' are those persons with direct and personal experience with some thing or situation.

Autism awareness is a most important issue and I am also very passionate about people developing or enhancing a greater respect for the differences inherant in us all.

'Respect' is a huge word in my 'personal dictionary'. With respect comes acceptance. With acceptance, the quality of an individual's life is increased in leaps and bounds.........more soon.....

Just a note.....

Some kind souls have told me that the link to Frank Klein's website in this blog is not working. If someone knows of a new link, could they let me know please. In the meantime, I'll keep searching as well. :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

An interesting news article regarding autism

To read a very interesting news article posted on the Asplanet ("Aspergers Parallel Planet") website, operated by Alyson Bradley in New Zealand, click here
The news article (on the first page of her site) is called NEWS - The Great Autism Ripoff - how a huge inustry feeds on parents desperate to cure their children."
Whilst on Asplanet, you can look through and join in on the forum to discuss anything surrounding the topic of the autism spectrum. Alyson also has many other interesting articles to read and interviews with dedicated specialists and members of the autism community.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A seminar with Donna Williams

On Saturday, 24/5/08, I had the pleasure of seeing Donna Williams speak at an Autism conference at Knox City Council in Melbourne.
She is a trully inspirational speaker/presenter. If you get the chance to attend one of her seminars, I highly recommend you do so.
Prior to the commencement of the seminar, many parents, carers and interested persons entered the conference rooms seeming either somewhat anxious, eager for information and/or some seeking 'guidance' relevent to their own children.
Soon enough they were enthralled by Donna's anecdotes surrounding her own life struggles and many achievements. There were times when we were in fits of laughter with her wonderfully cheeky sense of humour and another time (when she sang one of her beautiful songs whilst presenting a powerpoint presentation of her journey with autism) when I'm sure I wasn't the only person in the 'house' who had tears well up in their eyes. Incredibly moving.
To keep up to date with when and where Donna will be holding such seminars, refer to her site, "Donna Williams" and or "" in the links list.

Friday, May 2, 2008

"Autism Friendly" video by Donna Williams

"Autism Friendly", a video/powerpoint p., contains 'descriptions', perceptions and truths about autism. Rather than me prattle on here, Donna's video 'speaks' for itself. Please see here.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Aspergers Parallel Planet

If you click on the link "Aspergers Parallel Planet" in the links column. right, you will be taken to a wonderfully informative website by Alyson, who is an adult with Aspergers. Her site is full of interesting information surrounding the autism spectrum, interviews with respected professionals, articles and so on. Her site even has a forum for interested persons to discuss issues and information about autism. Alyson is also a talented artist and some of her work can be seen on the site. Her story is a touching and empowering one, which I feel parents, friends, family and those persons on the spectrum, can gain a wonderful insight into the life, thoughts and feelings of a delightful woman living with Aspergers.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

Re: Book on Autism for parents

Well, after spending many painstaking hours jotting notes, typing, editing, enduring the frustration of my old computer crashing incessantly, being up till 3 in the morning (sometimes), accidentally spilling a cup of coffee on my old keyboard and now possibly needing reading glasses; I finally finished my book on autism for parents :)
Currently I am waiting for it to be reviewed for any tragic mistakes in grammar, construct and overall desired readabilty :)
Once this has successfully occurred, it will be available through (publishing co. in U.S.A).
This should be very soon.
When I make it available for sale, I'll post a note here.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

'Can autism be cured?' - Donna Williams Blog

Please read the above-mentioned recent blog piece by Donna Williams, an inspiring Australian woman on the autism spectrum, if you are a parent searching for 'cures' for your child's autism.
Donna's fictional story "Can autism be cured?" is a beautifully illustrated (textually) story about different children on the autism spectrum whose well-meaning parents anxiously search for a potential 'cure' for their babes, and the financial and physical lengths they go to to achieve such, only to find that their children aren't 'cured' of autism and are to be just who they are - unique individuals.
As you may know, by perhaps having read my blog pieces below, I am not an advocate of 'curing' autism, I believe it is an intrinsic part the the autistic human being.
Link -

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A book for parents

Currently I am writing a book for parents, about parenting a child with autism.
The intention of this book is to communicate with other mums and dads about the similar experiences we may have surrounding our lives raising our autistic children.
Sharing our experiences as parents can be cathartic and a valuable source of understanding our children on the autism spectrum, in addition to the information and assistance we receive from any of the professionals involved with our lives.
Once the book is available, I will post a note on this site. :)