Thursday, November 29, 2012

Inspirational poem for Autism

Whilst reflecting on some words a teen on the Spectrum mentioned to me some time ago, I decided in a quiet moment to jot down this poem.
The teenager was relating to me how she was striving to strengthen her individuality and wanted ‘others’ to see that she was keen to take hold of being the ‘captain’ of her ship as it sailed into the future. She felt she needed others (though some well meaning) to take a step back and let her express her true self.
It also relates to how some people were presuming to ‘know’ her by what they had read in books about Autism/Aspergers.
The poem’s not perfect, but it basically describes this young lady’s feelings about some of her desires for her future.


My uniqueness is not found in a book by another
The story of “ME” may take a lifetime to uncover

I’ll paint the pictures to illustrate my meaning
The words I’ll write ‘ll be from my souls’ dreaming

Each of my days, a new chapter to pen
Not ‘till I’m finished, will my story end.

© Louise Page 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PattyCats in 2012

Just a note to mention that if you wish to email me to inquire about the PattyCats I make, please use the following email address instead -
The previous email address is not accessible.
Cheers for now

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Book - Teenagers and Autism

photo copyright of Slavenko Vukasovic -

New Book

It has been a while since I have posted on this blog, but hopefully those are interested in my books and other writings/articles may be also interested in my current pursuit of writing a new book regarding teenagers on the Spectrum.

This book will encompass the relationships, emotions, anxieties, communication challenges, and so many other things, which can be experienced by a teen on the Spectrum.  The content of the book and its messages are also very relevant to the parent/carer of a teen on the Spectrum, and will be very much along the lines of a ‘team-effort’ in living life together and navigating life’s challenges, as well as all the many positives.

Once I have waded through my notes (back to 2011), finally pieced together the many chapters and published this book, I will post another note here regarding how and where it can be purchased by those who are interested.

I have several patient and professional persons in Australia and internationally (one a U.S. university professor, teachers, parents and some wonderful individuals (adults on the Spectrum) waiting for me to get this project ‘on-the-road’. Due to experiencing an energy-sapping physical health condition since the middle of 2011 and (and now getting my health gradually back to ‘normal’), I have had to, up until now, put my attention to completing this book on ‘hold’.  I am not practicing as a professional counsellor currently (due to my recent health concern) and have chosen to concentrate on writing for a while. I may resume practicing in 2013.

Special mention

Recently, Donna Williams, an internationally known, highly successful and respected writer/author, artist, singer-song-writer and Autism expert (Donna is on the Spectrum herself), endorsed me (via LinkedIn) for my professionalism, abilities and understanding in the field of Autism/Youth. I am truly honoured to have Donna endorse my work and experience in this field and am humbled by this recognition.   

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Glowing Planet - An Alternative Universe" YouTube video

Here is another of the videos I have produced recently.
It is especially designed for children and is very relaxing to watch. The music score accompanying the video was produced and performed by Rick Clarke from the United Kingdom.
This is a short fictional story about travelling to a planet that glows (pulsates with different colours) and encounters with (friendly) alien space ships.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Electric Star - An Alternative Universe" new YouTube video

Here is another one of my science 'experiment', mini vids, compilations created for the pleasure and intrigue of persons on the Spectrum - and anyone else who may enjoy viewing them.
As usual, it has an awesome accompanying film score created by the very talented Rick Clarke form the UK.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fireworks Kaleidoscope - YouTube video by Louise Page


I created and filmed this video with the intention of relating to music therapy, combined with a visual relaxation (and enjoyment) component. The idea, when viewing the video, is to imagine you may be looking through a kind of door/key hole into another dimension. This hopefully elicits a feeling of overall peace, tranquility and a momentary 'escape' from anxieties, stressors and so on. I also invisage that this video may assist in calming 'behaviour', even momentarily. This video was not designed with hypnosis in mind - not my area of expertise :) - just a relaxing auditory and visual experience. I have 'tested' its calming effect on a very small bunch of kids on the Spectrum (including mine) and they appear to instantly be mesmerized by the video/music - to their enjoyment. See what you think and let me know if you liked it (or not ;).  The music score is by the very talented UK artist Ricknanman.

Note: the video looks a tiny bit 'jerky' in spots. This is deliberate. It is supposed to represent 'yourself' looking through the door/keyhole, with natural body/eye movement and blinking in a couple of places.