Friday, October 3, 2008

Communication Book

I'm pleased to announce that I have created another book, which is available on

It is a simple and colourful communication book which can be used by parents and their children (with and without disabilities) to share information surrounding their child's needs, abilities, likes and dislikes, acquired and developing skills.

This book could be a wonderful asset for parents and their children, as the information (pictures, drawings, stickers and text provided by parents/children) unique to the child is shared in a positive, supportive, respectful, constructive and very colourful way.

The child, whom the book is about, may gain great pleasure and feel proud as they share with their new teacher/aide, childcare staff or other relevant persons, information all about them. Perhaps showing off their photos of achievements, family members, friends, pets, drawings etc., whilst the reader also gains other important information about where the child may need assistance, extra understanding and awareness of potential areas of difficulty.

I perceive this book to be very helpful for parents in being able to help their child begin their new relationships with, e.g. a teacher in a concise and educative way.

Such information can be utilized when an IEP (Individual Education Plan) is being devised for the child.

It also provides a general base-line as to where the child is currently, educationally, behaviourally, socially etc., in their young life.
To view the book and a preview of the interior, please click here.