Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frog Car Seat Covers

In about 7 days I will be putting my frog car seat covers on Ebay. They will be for posting only in Australia or local pickup. Please go to my other website Realist Art In Oz for a further description of them.
UPDATE - as of today, 28th September 2010, the frog car seat covers and their matching floor mats are for sale on Ebay Australia - for sale only in Australia.

Note; They are now sold.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tactile Toys - Patty Cats


I've been busy making these gorgeous creatures, I've nick-named PattyCats. Initially I made a couple for my Autistic son and some other children for fun, as they loved the feel of the luxurious fur and found them very soothing.
But low and behold they have become somewhat of a 'hit' with the kids and the adults (kids at heart) too!

Do you remember (ye fellow oldies, 70's children) the furry little toy creatures we may have had as kids, which when you stroke the fur on their back they'd arch up as if they loved the attention? Well, combining that memory with the Patty Cat toys I make, ye oldies can reminisce about the 70's and the kids of today can enjoy a simple, fun and cuddly toy which can entertain as well.
They are made from high quality faux fur, with sewn on eyes (for improved safety) and a sewn on tail (for extra strength) and measure approximately 14 inches/36 cms from nose to tail.
(Please note that even though the eyes are well sewn on, they may still pose a potential choking hazard for those persons [and pets] who may chew their toys or objects)

If you too are interested in these mesmerizing creatures, please email me .