Monday, November 26, 2007

Donna Williams YouTube - art

Click on the link below to view a YouTube video ('powerpoint' presentation) by Donna exploring the breadth of her beautiful artworks, incorporating photos of herself as a child, all accompanied by a piece of her inspiring music, sung with, what I call, a crystaline and angelic voice. She trully is a talented lady.
View her YouTube video "From Autism To Artism" here

Donna Williams YouTube video - siblings

In this YouTube video, Donna covers some of the issues surrounding the relationships between a child with autism and their sibling/s. Incorporated, in this video, are examples of her beautiful art works.
Watch Donna's video "Autism Has A Wider Context" here

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rory Hoy's YouTube video - "AUTISM AND ME"

On researching YouTube recently, I came across a delightful young English lad, who has made his own short video about his personal perspective of what autism means for him and how he sees the world.
A lovely video for those interested in autism and, especially those young people who have autism and would like to hear another person with autism speak about their experiences and thoughts.
Watch Rory's video here

Monday, November 5, 2007

Joel Smith

Joel has a great website called "This Way Of Life", on which he discusses many things surrounding living with autism, himself, and information for parents/persons wishing to know more about autism. It is a very pleasant site to navigate and read.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Donna Williams

Donna Williams is an accomplished artist, author, composer and screenwriter. Here, Donna displays some of her beautiful art works and other sections discuss her experience of having autism and her accomplishments in the other fields mentioned.
I came across her site when searching for art works produced by people with autism. Her art pieces touch your soul.
Refer to link (right)

Dr.Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin (Ph.D) is a very accomplished writer/author and has appeared on many major television shows. She is an amazing lady.
Apart from all the wonderful information on her site, when you click on the ">article" tab, Dr. Grandin discusses "Autism - The Way I See It", you can read about her insights into Autism from her personal perspective.
Refer to the link (right).

Frank Klein

To view Frank's website, click on the link (right), then click on "Autistic Advocacy", description - "A repository of pro-autistic articles, editorials and humour by Frank Klein".

Personal stories via the U.K.

The National Autistic Society of the U.K. has a section of it's site dedicated to the personal stories of people with Autism/Aspergers. By clicking on the link (right), you'll be taken directly to this particular section.

The Mind Within

By clicking on the above title in the links list (right), you will be able to read about the thoughts, perspectives and personal stories of the author of this wonderfully colourful web site. Included are exquisite pieces of art work by the author and links to their other web sites.