Monday, November 26, 2007

Donna Williams YouTube - art

Click on the link below to view a YouTube video ('powerpoint' presentation) by Donna exploring the breadth of her beautiful artworks, incorporating photos of herself as a child, all accompanied by a piece of her inspiring music, sung with, what I call, a crystaline and angelic voice. She trully is a talented lady.
View her YouTube video "From Autism To Artism" here


Donna said...

thanks so much for the lovely comment. I also like BJs lovely art, especially to trees... they looks so solitary, or is that me? So nice you are also an artist. Feel free to list on under 'autism friendly'. Its free. Hope your blog grows and people find you.


Donna Williams *)

Louise Page said...

Hi Donna,
Thankyou for your lovely comments about my site and my sons' art work. BJ painted this picture a number of years back. But when we looked at your artwork together, some months ago, we were astounded to see that one of your beautiful paintings (solitary figures) was so similar in 'feeling' and 'meaning' to BJ's. He was excited to see another person paint a picture with a similar theme to his own. You have a new 11 year old admirer! :)
It means alot to me (and BJ) that you have taken the time to view my site and post such a supportive comment.
Thanks, Louise (and BJ):)