Sunday, May 7, 2017

Farewell Donna Williams [Polly Samuel] 1963 -2017

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It was with heartfelt sadness that we learnt of Donna's passing recently.

Professionally, Donna was an inspiration and amazingly talented woman. Her devotion to advocacy for the Autism communities was expressed passionately, creativity and with a wonderful zest. The times that Donna and I were able to either sit together and chat - particularly the time Donna spent with my youngest son, instantly noticeable was a mutual connection between them - or communicate via email, were always fun, interesting, and offered a kindred spirit of souls living with and working in the Autism field.

Donna offered not only mutually complementary insights, but her wonderfully cheeky sense of humour in sharing her understanding, empathy, knowledge and unselfish willingness to devote her time to those who either sought her advice/counsel or those fortunate enough too to have her delight in sharing one on one chat time and friendship with her. 

Donna's gifts of writing, paintings and indelible knowledge of the Autism Spectrum; beautiful soul and passions, will leave this world with an irreplaceable legacy of vitally important knowledge and wisdom. 

Donna is survived by her soulmate and perfect-match Chris. They were so blessed to be each other's partner. Bless you Chris. xx

Will miss you Donna xxx

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Heart and Soul of Autism - 2017

Sorry I haven't posted much since early 2016. Last year was a very difficult year with family health issues and the passing of my beautiful mother. I am hoping that 2017 will be a better year for my family and that I will complete or work on more of my books and other projects, and place some new posts here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2017.

In the meantime;

Not many of you may know that apart from writing my own books regarding the Autism Spectrum and children's stories, I am also a co-author of the Nine Degrees of Autism. This was an international collaboration with several experts in the field of Autism and Psychology. I am very honoured to have been chosen by this international team, and primarily the instigator and mastermind of the project, Philip Wylie.
If you follow the link below, you can read a synopsis, reviews, editors, subjects and contents information regarding this wonderful work. It was published in 2016 by Routledge [UK]. This year I am hoping to write Book 2 of my own "Heart Shields and Arrows" [Autism - non fiction] and publish this too. If you know other professionals in the field of Autism and/or psychology, or anyone living with and/or working with folks on the Spectrum, they may be interested in the "Nine Degrees.." and "Heart Shields and Arrows" works.