Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Book - Teenagers and Autism

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New Book

It has been a while since I have posted on this blog, but hopefully those are interested in my books and other writings/articles may be also interested in my current pursuit of writing a new book regarding teenagers on the Spectrum.

This book will encompass the relationships, emotions, anxieties, communication challenges, and so many other things, which can be experienced by a teen on the Spectrum.  The content of the book and its messages are also very relevant to the parent/carer of a teen on the Spectrum, and will be very much along the lines of a ‘team-effort’ in living life together and navigating life’s challenges, as well as all the many positives.

Once I have waded through my notes (back to 2011), finally pieced together the many chapters and published this book, I will post another note here regarding how and where it can be purchased by those who are interested.

I have several patient and professional persons in Australia and internationally (one a U.S. university professor, teachers, parents and some wonderful individuals (adults on the Spectrum) waiting for me to get this project ‘on-the-road’. Due to experiencing an energy-sapping physical health condition since the middle of 2011 and (and now getting my health gradually back to ‘normal’), I have had to, up until now, put my attention to completing this book on ‘hold’.  I am not practicing as a professional counsellor currently (due to my recent health concern) and have chosen to concentrate on writing for a while. I may resume practicing in 2013.

Special mention

Recently, Donna Williams, an internationally known, highly successful and respected writer/author, artist, singer-song-writer and Autism expert (Donna is on the Spectrum herself), endorsed me (via LinkedIn) for my professionalism, abilities and understanding in the field of Autism/Youth. I am truly honoured to have Donna endorse my work and experience in this field and am humbled by this recognition.   

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