Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"An Autism Connection"

Just another note to say a big thankyou to those kind persons who have reviewed and recommended my new book, "An Autism Connection" to other interested people. Some even leaving some wonderfully positive comments on the Lulu Publishing website.
The book is also available through many other channels, such as, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia,

I am hoping to write more books in the future, perhaps focusing on particular subjects relating to living with autism (parents and children alike). Books which will be 'coming in' on an angle a little different to the usual clinical/educational books - with perspectives including the insights and souls of people with autism and opening up more of an understanding and appreciation of such, for those in our communities who would like to 'listen' to them. I feel that some of the greatest 'teachers' are those persons with direct and personal experience with some thing or situation.

Autism awareness is a most important issue and I am also very passionate about people developing or enhancing a greater respect for the differences inherant in us all.

'Respect' is a huge word in my 'personal dictionary'. With respect comes acceptance. With acceptance, the quality of an individual's life is increased in leaps and bounds.........more soon.....

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