Friday, October 19, 2007

.....what I hope to achieve.....

This blog is a re-birth of my original blog of a similar name. My intention, as this one grows, is to provide interesting and informative links, posts and input from and regarding real life accounts from persons with autism, via web site links and graciously offered stories and information, again from persons with autism who wish to share their stories and experiences. The purpose of such is to help mum's, dad's, carer's, grandparents (and others who are genuinely interested) in learning and understanding more about the real feelings, thoughts, experiences, achievements and hopes of persons with autism.
Though my areas of 'expertise' are as described to the right of this post, and I am a mum of 3 gorgeous (yes, I am biased) children, 1 who has autism, and other family members with autism, I maintain that the real 'experts' regarding autism are the many wonderful souls I know, and the ones I don't as yet know, with autism.
So many, whether they be the specialists, therapists and others involved in working with or diagnosing persons with autism, I can't help but feel are on the 'outside - looking in'.
Just as I am constantly learning, as I read a growing number of beautifully insightful 'personal stories of autism', I hope that such real life stories can be a source of greater understanding, support and enlightenment for those who don't have autism and wish to learn more.
Many such stories can be full of humour, descriptions of successes, awsome talents, beauty, sadness, happiness, trials and tribulations, life's passions and pains (and so on...), but above all are the real voices of autism.
I am also hoping to help, in my own small way, increase the opportunities for persons with autism to have their 'voice' heard and touch the heart and soul of others, as mine has been.

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