Sunday, January 11, 2009

Aspergers/Autism AQ test

Whilst visiting the Asplanet (Aspergers Parallel Planet in the links column) forum recently, Alyson (who runs the website with her son) posted this link to an Aspergers/Autism AQ test, which we, many members of the forum decided to take.

It is not meant to be a test for formal diagnosis of Aspergers/Autism, but it is very interesting to try it and see what 'score' you may get.

I did the test twice and came out with a score of 30 each time.

If you have ever wondered if you may possibly be on the autism spectrum, this AQ test may give you a hint as to whether you are or not.

Click here to go to the test.

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Anonymous said...

You might be interested in a YouTube video that was made by a mom of an autistic boy. It's called "The Mad Hatter."