Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inspirational Autism Quotes

When we seek an inspirational quote about Autism, we may be looking for just the right group (sentence?) of words which can describe a heart felt feeling, thought or even such group of words can become a personal mantra which we say to ourselves regularly to give us a sense of peace, confirm our beliefs or desires, express our understanding of and compassion for our Autistic children, partners or friends and so on.
Inspirational quotes can also give us the strength to 'carry on' when 'times' are hard or somewhat difficult: when we are feeling sad or unsure about life or even at the other end of the 'spectrum' - when we are in a 'good place' emotionally, physically and so on.
Sometimes inspirational quotes give us the drive to carry on and confirm our beliefs in what we trully hold dear to our hearts. A well designed/written quote can sum up in even just a sentence a powerful feeling, belief or thought which touches or is cemented in your soul.
Many people who have visited this site are keen to discover the 'right' quote to qualify such feelings, beliefs or thoughts. Many of these quotes will be used to share with others and to help promote understanding, compassion, empathy and respect for the souls who are on the Spectrum and their families.
So, what I will add to this post, as I find them, are direct links to net sites, books, articles and whatever else I can find, which centre around quotes and/or poems for Autism.
Books/quotes on Autism by me
The Greatest  (generalist)
The Soul of Autism
to be continued.......

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