Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ebooks about Autism

I have decided to present all of the books I am currently writing and those to come in the future, as Ebooks.
This way, those interested in purchasing any of my works, will be able to read what they have purchased immediately. This will also cut down on the costs (e.g. shipping and book production) for the buyer.
So......I have been jotting, slaving over, sifting through and typing up new books on the topic of Autism for some time now.
An Autism Connection
If you are interested in 'hardcopy' versions of my book - "An Autism Connection", I currently have several copies available for $19.95 each, with free postage within Australia only. If you are from another country and would like a copy (AUS $19.95 + postage cost), please email me and I'll work out the postage costs to you.
These hard copy books are 'second hand', but are in as new condition, are unmarked, undamaged, but do have an inscription inside the front cover - written by me. 
I am offering these books for sale (about 8 of them) to 'you' as I my small office area is becoming overstocked with written and book materials and I would like to streamline such, and wish to 'computerize' the bulk of my work, files etc..
Cheers for now :)

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