Sunday, January 2, 2011

Autism Quotes

  The Art Gallery of Life. 

The individual is like a unique one-off painting, a masterpiece on canvas.
But its individuality is dulled or altered when others come along and add their own swish of paint to make it something different, adding their own vision of what this unique painting should look like or be.
Someone may not like the original circle painted to one side, so they add a square on top of it. Another prefers to add their idea of the perfect shape, a triangle and another takes the paint brush and loads it with a different colour and scrawls a star.
Before you know it the original painting has become a mishmash of others visions; the original circle is now just visible beneath the added layers of others preferred colours.
Now the unique canvas is unique no more. It is coated in others dreams of what the painting should be and the intruding artists are all standing back arguing about what they each see as to what should be appreciated by the other.
If each ‘artist’ wanted to visualize their own masterpiece, each ‘artist’ should have painted their own shapes and dreams on their own canvas.
Then the gallery of life could display each unique shape, on its own unique canvas, belonging to each unique individual.
The variation of subjects in this ‘exhibition’, within this gallery, can then be the masterpiece of an example of the diversity of the passions of the painters.

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