Thursday, January 20, 2011

Autism, Stresses and Anxieties - book

I am currently piecing together a new book surrounding the 'topic' of stresses and anxiety and how such can affect an individual (child/teen/adult) on the Spectrum and their respective family members and friends.
I am hoping to have this book finished within the next few weeks, and be available as a download or Ebook (and hard copy) on the website very soon. 
I have also received some wonderful interest in this upcoming book from some of my professional peers in the United States and elsewhere, who will be adding a link to their websites for the book.
My hope is that this book will not only be useful for families and individuals on the Spectrum, but also professionals and others interested in gaining an insight into the realities of 'life' as it can be for families/individuals especially, so that they will increase their understanding of the clients (ASD and parents) they may have visit upon their practices and intervention/assistance methods. Understanding the heart and soul of their clients can be invaluable in helping clients move through, on and above any difficulties and/or challenges they may face each day.

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