Thursday, April 25, 2013


 Poppies In The Sun
by Dan
For we who are here today,
Who cherish our lives and freedoms,
Who can run and laugh and play,
Who can sing in the rain,
Who can dance in our fields,
Who can laze on our beaches,
Who can recline in the sun,
Who can surf the waves,
Who love this land of ours,
Who reap the riches offered,
Who can be with family,
Who can have hope for futures,
Who are blessed with peace - unlike many,

....we thank those brave souls,
Who lost their lives, battled and those who survived,
On the beaches,
In the waves before the shore,
In the fields,
Under the sun, snow and rain,
In dust, sandstorms and putrid mud,
In foreign lands - away from home,
Away from family,
Unsure of hope or futures...

Thankyou for your sacrifices, so we could prosper.

Peace to all.

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