Sunday, April 7, 2013

For our Nan

Today my children lost their much adored Nan (paternal Grandmother).
Below is a poem I wrote some time ago and feel it is very relevant to the memory of this wonderful woman who understood and personally related to my children - bless her beautiful soul.

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by Suphakit73

Le Papillon Blanc Libere

One day, a beautiful white butterfly
With soft and delicate wings
Became trapped in an enveloping net
And could no longer dance and sing

Now she was only able to dream of
Fluttering about in the trees
Seeking scented white flowers
And dancing on autumn leaves.

Soon the door of this ‘cage’
Opened to set her free
She ventured out and beyond
And away, and was free.

No more of the pain
This cruel existence did give
Of feeling trapped, energy sapped
And struggling to be and live

So, if you see her fluttering by
On a gentle breeze, a flower or tree
Smile for her; she can spread her wings
No net, no cage – she is finally free.

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