Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

Some folks don't have someone to share Valentine's Day with. This poem is for these souls.

Valentines Day

Gifts and red roses may come your way
On this the 14th, love’s Valentines Day.

For some there is no us or gifts to give
When in the moment, alone they must live.

Anticipation of receiving a token of care
Is just a whisper of hope in the air.

But all is not lost in the heart felt stakes
If the love for ones-self quietly awakes.

At peace with alone-ness and without pain
Of old worn paths, life’s not the same.

Share a raised glass in the mirror with self
Delivers past woes to the dim, dusty shelf.

Maybe tomorrow a kindred spirit will see
How rich your kind soul is and can be.

Never to worry when envisioning the day
When others are gifting the red rose splay.

Smile and know that love and peace can begin
With allowing ones-self to love from within.

Here is a rose, a thought gift from me
If on this day you feel a wee bit lonely.

Louise Page 2015

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