Sunday, October 18, 2015

Remrov - My beautiful friend's perspective on her Autism experience

My pleasure to share the first of your very important videos about Autism.

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Usethebrains Godgiveyou said...

She is beautiful...I've come across her before I found your blog. Actually, I was accepted in a small group of realists (painters) on Linked In...and I've never looked at it for years. I saw autism somewhere in your tagline or something...and loved your work. My son had a label of PDD-NOS. He loves trains. When he was 3years old we were told to discourage it. We never did, we went overboard to encourage it. He began working at a train museum at age 15. Still volunteering there at age 22, he graduated from a tech school with a degree in CNC Machine Tools and is making good money doing that. But beyond that, he has always wanted to be an inventor. Something tells me he will be.

I saw you wrote, "bugs in the garden". THAT WAS ME!!! I would spend hours observing them. I never did follow my true love, biology, until I turned almost 60. I seem to have something that is uncommon to that area. I pick up on things easily that others cant.

Obsessions are beautiful. When I was learning to be a teacher, we were taught that many LD kids were "visual learners", and to teach to their interests. I think many kids labelled "autistic" these days might have been labelled "LD" thirty years ago. other love, art...we should start up something on that realist page.

Yeah, I know, I talk a lot...